The Wildebras 101

How did it all start?

Wildebras Clothing emerged in January 28, 2019 from the ambition and creativity of a close-knit street community in Tilburg.

We are sustainable

We all need to do our best to save the planet, and vintage clothing is the way to go, especially in 2019. All of our products are second-hand or organically produced from recycled fiber and they are getting shipped in recycled packaging, such as shoe boxes.

Our vision

Our mission is to help big personalities shine through clothing. The clothing we offer is loud and special to help you stand out. People cannot be put in a box, they are unique and so is their style.

The team

Emile Neuféglise

Supply boss


Pien van Son

Merch boss


Damon Vervoort

Photo boss


Yara Champness

Graphic boss


Esra Reijnen

Contact boss


Stijn Buschgens

Site boss


So, what do we do?